Aviation eLearning developing training app for Air Caraibes

Aviation eLearning has signed a contract with Air Caraibes to deliver a training application for their cabin crew.

In close collaboration with the airline, Aviation eLearning is in the process of building an interactive training app for the equipment of the aircraft cabin (A330). With the use of this app, Air Caraibes aims to train its crew more efficiently and to reduce expenses.

The Cabin Equipment training app allows users to move freely in the cabin and learn about the location and the use of the equipment onboard the aircraft, by clicking on the hotspots.

With the cabin equipment trainer, running on iPad, the crew has access to the cabin environment at all times and can train anywhere, allowing the airline to reduce expenses and train more efficiently, as the crew is better prepared for training in the mockup.

When testing the cockpit trainer – similar to the cabin trainer, iPad based training was proved to be efficient and motivating. The students from Lund University in Sweden were given a 2-hour introduction on how to train with the app, and then trained self-phased (or individually and in pairs) without any instructor present. The reference group of students trained with an instructor for 4 x 4 hours with an instructor. During the subsequent simulator training, the self-training group using the app performed equally as the group with an instructor.

Read more about Cabin Trainers here.

Update: Today you can create fully customised virtual courses for cabin crew with Virtual 360E Editor (V360E).


Published: 21st January 2016

Updated: 6th November 2020


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