Aviation eLearning delivers FTL and FMT e-courses to Jettime

Aviation eLearning is proud to announce a new client – Jettime. The airline has chosen Flight Time Limitations (FTL) e-course and Fatigue Management Training (FMT) to train their crew.

The FTL and FMT e-courses were developed with the objective to meet the new EASA requirements that will come into effect on 18 February 2016.

The Flight Time Limitations e-course explains the new elements of EU Flight Time Limitations and demonstrates calculation of Flight Duty time through an easy to understand language, practical examples and straight to the point content.

The Fatigue Management Training e-course focuses on fatigue awareness and management based on sleep cycle studies and research done both in laboratories and in flight. The content of the FMT e-course is related to the FTL e-course.

E-courses combine years of experience in aviation and the latest EASA regulations with interactive modern design to bring learning experience to the next level.

Both e-courses follow the EASA standards.


Published: 2nd February 2016

Updated: 6th November 2020


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