Aviation eLearning develops iPad based training solution for Air Greenland


Today Air Greenland uses Virtual 360 Editor (V360E) to customize the procedure trainers as well as to create their own e-courses. You can explore the possibilities of V360E here.

You can learn more about tools for improving pilot and cabin crew training here.

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We are proud to announce that we have delivered a new training solution for Air Greenland – another airline to benefit from our interactive Cockpit Trainers for iPad!

Air Greenland will start implementing new procedures into their DHC-8-200 fleet and they have chosen us – Aviation eLearning to develop a new training solution.

Aiming at a completely new and more efficient training experience, Aviation eLearning has developed interactive cockpit trainers for normal and emergency procedures.

Air Greenland has chosen the electronic solution as a strategic step towards more technology-enhanced training to allow the crew to train efficiently even when they are away from the training center. Implementing iPad-based training will significantly reduce the costs of extra training, as Air Greenland expects a higher standard during check flights. By using the training apps, Air Greenland will not only reduce the cost of training but also provide more time to train flight maneuvers.

The Cockpit Procedure trainers grant pilots the opportunity to browse through the procedures and learn the flows with the help of action hotspots. The “Teach Me” mode provides a step-by-step guide through each procedure item and offers both visual and audio instructions. Aviation eLearning has also added a “Test Me” mode and flashcards for both trainers to help pilots assess their knowledge and memory.



Read more about Cockpit Trainers here.



Published: 17th February 2016

Updated: 6th November 2020



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