Air Greenland reduced aircraft use during Cabin Initial training by 60%!
Cabin initial training


Today Air Greenland uses Virtual 360 Editor (V360E) to customize the procedure trainers as well as to create their own e-courses. You can explore the possibilities of V360E here.

You can learn more about how Air Greenland gets Perfect pass rates with 60% less aircraft time here.



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Another success with Aviation eLearning training apps! To meet the latest training requirements for cabin initial training for the Airbus A330 fleet, Air Greenland chose Aviation eLearning to develop a complete e-training solution.

Facing logistic challenges, Air Greenland has been struggling with coordinating and conducting effective and efficient in-depth physical training exercises.

Aiming to provide the best training conditions available, accessible anytime and anywhere, Aviation eLearning developed specifically tailored procedure training apps – ePT – Safety Equipment Procedure Trainer (cabin crew), Cockpit Procedure Trainer Normal and Cockpit Procedure Trainer Emergency (flight crew).

By using the procedure training apps developed by Aviation eLearning during cabin initial training, Air Greenland managed to reduce the number of aircraft training sessions from 3 to 1 without any reduction in student’s performance as all students successfully passed the test.

“We wanted our crew to feel that we are on their side in striving to be well-prepared for the job, which is why we have accepted the responsibility to provide easy to understand training material. The Aviation eLearning app meets these requirements and more.” – Air Greenland Chief Flight Instructor Mogens Haar

VIDEO – Air Greenland about e-training by Aviation eLearning.

The main benefit of the ePT by Aviation eLearning is a 360-degree view of the cabin and the cockpit. Using the apps to train the procedures ensures that the crew is familiar with the aircraft environment, which reduces the training time in simulator or aircraft. Since students do not have to spend the time to get used to the aircraft environment before they start training the procedures, they save time that can be later used for the repetition of more complex procedures.

Aviation eLearning also developed an External Inspection app for Air Greenland’s DHC-8-200 fleet. The External Inspection app allows students to walk freely around an aircraft and facilitates a structure given by the operator or manufacturer. By using the External Inspection app students can train by themselves, which does not require the presence of an instructor at all times.

External Inspection app - DHC-8-200

Image: External Inspection app – DHC-8-200



Published: 26th August 2016

Updated: 6 November 2020


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