About us

Our team consists of aviation professionals, full-stack developers, UX, multimedia and graphics designers, photography experts, content creators and QA testers based across Europe.

We are here to revolutionize training in the aviation industry.

We are a Danish software company founded by two airline pilots on the mission to improve aviation training for both – crews and training departments.

Years of pilot and instructor experience combined with a team of tech experts prove to be a perfect match for this mission.

Our Vision

We want to create a world where no aviation professionals have to deal with lengthy paper-based training ever again.

Our Mission

We make aviation training more effective and enjoyable for crews AND training managers.

Important milestones



Company Founded
Two airline pilots and instructors decided to improve traditional ways of pilot training.



Launch of online ICAO Language Proficiency Test for aviation professionals.



1st e-learning course
Launch of Volcanic Ash – the first e-learning course to replace old-school CBT.



1st Cockpit Procedure Trainer 
Launch of the first cockpit procedure trainer – Boeing 737 Normal Procedures.



Launch of Train Before Flight – web shop offering e‑learning courses and cockpit trainers for aviation professionals.



Launch of V360E – e-learning authoring platform allowing flight schools, aircraft operators and airlines to create their own trainers.



OCC e-learning package
Our e-courses portfolio contains all topics required for Operator Conversion Course.



Further development
Our team is growing and we are excited about our current development plans.

Our services

General Courses
Procedure Trainers
Technical Courses
Learning Management System (LMS)
ICAO Language Proficiency Test
V360E e-course authoring platform
Webshop trainbeforeflight.com
Image showing Børsen Gazelle Award
Image showing Børsen Gazelle Award

Gazelle Award 2020 and 2019

Every year, Denmark’s leading business media – Børsen – awards fastest growing companies.

Being recognised as one of the fastest-growing companies in Denmark is a huge honour and motivation for us. 

Interested in learning more?

You can learn more about our courses, prices and services by contacting our sales department.