Airbus A320 Normal Procedures

A320 Normal Procedures Cockpit Trainer allows pilots to efficiently prepare for a simulator session or brush up on the procedures before flight. It is suitable for the initial and recurrent type rating. A320 Normal Procedures Cockpit Trainer visualises flows of normal cockpit procedures to help pilots learn and remember the order of actions and locate cockpit controls. The actions are located by hotspots that trigger pop-up messages with expanded procedures. 


Initial and Recurrent Training 


Flight Crew



Learning Objectives

To familiarise the students with the Airbus A320 normal procedures from power-up to shutdown
To familiarize the students to standard call-outs of the Airbus A320
To familiarise the students the flows of the Airbus A320
To familiarize the students to the safety exterior inspection fo the Airbus A320

Course References

Airbus A318/318/320/321 Flight Crew Training Manual

Airbus A318/318/320/321 Flight Crew Operations Manual

Contents of the course

Safety Exterior Inspection

Preliminary Cockpit Flow

Cockpit Preparation Flow

FMGS Preparation Initialisation

FMGS Preparation Data Insertion

Takeoff Briefing

After Start

Before Takeoff

After Takeoff

Climb FL 100

Descent: FMGS Preparation

Descent FL 100

Approach Briefing

After Landing

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