Technical Courses

Cockpit layout and systems familiarization in virtual cockpit environment.
Technical Course is accessible on all mobile devices, no VR equipment needed.

Support pilots’ conversion to new aircraft

Inside-out learning approach to cockpit layout and systems.
Training aid for type-rating or initial training.


Aircraft available 24/7

Technical Course allows your pilots to access virtual aircraft with training content anytime and anywhere on their own mobile device. This reduces the need for classroom training and makes simulator sessions more effective.


Type-rating and initial training

Technical Course can be used as a training aid for type-rating and initial training. This always-available training tool leads to increased motivation, better performance and improved proficiency.


All in one

Aircraft history, case studies, cockpit layout, systems and procedures. Deliver all training content through Technical Course.



Virtual and accessible

Virtual aircraft environment built of a high-quality panoramic photo comes as close to real aircraft as possible. No VR equipment or travel to a VR training facility is required, which means no extra costs for your training department.


Allow pilot to train from home

If you allow your crew to train in a stress-free environment and at their own pace, their motivation and performance increase, leading to more effective preparation. If the crew can prepare efficiently from home, no additional simulator sessions for preparation are required. 


More efficient simulator sessions

Technical Course allows pilots to get familiar with the aircraft layout and systems ahead of simulator session. Being better prepared, pilots can perform their duties quicker once in a simulator, which creates extra time for training more complicated procedures.

Technical Courses Available

Technical Courses are fully customizable for your aircraft and your training content.

Icon for Boeing 737 MAX Difference Course

Boeing 737 MAX Difference Course

The Boeing 737 MAX Difference Course aims to support Boeing 737 NG pilots’ transition from the NG to the MAX. The course is based on the technical differences outlined in the Boeing 737 MAX FCOM and the training areas of special emphasis defined by Boeing.

Looking for a custom Technical Course?

Technical Course are fully customizable for your aircraft type and your specific manuals. Contact us for more info.


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