Learning Management
System (LMS)

Administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of training content.

LMS designed
for aviation training

Automatic recurrent enrolment
Integration with your other systems
Offline course availability for iOS and Android


Besides standard LMS features, our LMS is modified specifically for training in aviation.

Certificate after course completion

When a user completes the course and passes the quiz, they will receive a certificate with a QR code for validation.

Automatic recurrent enrolment

If a specific course must be completed on recurrent basis, for example every 12 months, users will be automatically enrolled in the course every 12 months.

Question banks

Categorize your questions in question banks. Pick specific or random questions from the question bank to create multi-topic quizzes quickly and effectively.


Use cohorts for users groups with similar characteristics, such as pilot cohort and cabin crew cohort. Cohorts will help you simplify the enrolment and tracking.

Building complex lessons

Combine various learning content (SCORM, images, PDFs, videos and questions) into advanced lessons where each activity is dependent on another.

Detailed quiz analysis

Make a thorough review of answers in quizzes. Analyze results and define your crew deficiencies to improve the training.

Custom logo and URL

We will set up your LMS dashboard including your company logo and URL containing your company name.

Offline course availability

Your crew can access training content offline using the native app for iOS and Android. Seamless transition from one device to another.

Unlimited upload of content

Upload any own or third party training content to the LMS. Our LMS supports SCORM and Tin Can.

Customizable email notification system

Set up email notifications about new enrollments and deadlines for your crew and status notifications for training managers.


API enables you to integrate the LMS with with other platforms. This means that you can feed data from LMS to your other systems and vice versa.

iOS and Android app

Native app for iOS and Android helps deliver a smooth learning experience.

Supports training on the go
Offline course availability
Seamless transition from one device to another

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